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The Queen is dead, long live the King

Sadly, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8. Did you watch her funeral? It was a very traditional ceremony attended by hundreds of world leaders. Here are some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II:

  • She reigned for 70 years. That’s the longest of any British king or queen.

  • She was the head of state of 15 countries including the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Jamaica.

  • She had more than 30 pet corgies while she was queen.

The new King of the United Kingdom is the Queen’s eldest son: King Charles III (King Charles the third). Will you watch his coronation?


The King is dead long live the King 王は死んでいる王様万歳 (伝統的なことわざ)

passed away 亡くなった

funeral 葬式

reign 治世する

head of state 国家元首

corgi コルギー

coronation 戴冠式

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